Öğrenciler Yükseköğretim Kurumu'nun (YÖK) organize ettiği Ölçme Seçme ve Yerleşirme Merkezinin ülke genelinde yaptığı sınavın 'Sosyal Bilimler' puanına göre lisans programına kabul edilirler. Bölüm her sene 60 öğrenci kabul eder ve yaklaşık 55 öğrenci lisans programından mezun olmaktadır. Currently, the Department has 50 full-time academic personnel, including 21 full, associate or assistant Professors, 5 lecturers and 24 research assistants.

In the past few years, members of the Department have been awarded a series of research fellowships such as Fulbright, Jean Monnet, Konrad-Adenauer Foundation, the British Council, etc. and secured sizeable research grants from NATO, SSRC, MERC, USIS and others.

The department's emphasis on providing adequate analytical skills for academic work and its concern with the teaching in-depth of the various topics of International Relations are addressed at the graduate level with a series of advanced courses in the relevant areas of study.

Furthermore, with the recognition that communication and computer skills are vital in a field characterized by increasing interaction, the program facilitates the development of language and computer skills by students.

All students are encouraged to participate in social and cultural activities. In addition to the well-known campus facilities, the Foreign Policy and International Relations Club, staffed by the undergraduate students of the Department, enhances their active participation in conferences, seminars and other social activities. As an active student organization, it enables students to meet foreign scholars or diplomats, and establish contacts with various foreign ministries of different countries.

The department also offers Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees in International Relations, designed for students with a bachelors degree in International Relations or a related discipline, with an interest in further study in the field.

The graduates of the Department have achieved exceptional success in a wide variety of areas. The Department is proud of the success of its graduates, many of whom are academics, diplomats, journalists, correspondents of private broadcasting channels, bureaucrats, or politicians. In addition, our graduates hold important positions in other public and private sector companies.

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