Supporting Turkey’s Efforts in Migration Management Projects


A Platform for Academics, Governmental Officials and Civil Society Representatives

Project partners:
Presidency of Turkish Parliament, Turkish Ministry of Interior, Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Middle East Technical University (METU), Universities across Turkey and Non-governmental Organizations.

International Organization for Migration

6 months

Overall objective:

The project aims to support the enhancement of the capacity of Turkish Academic Institutions, policy makers and civil society representatives by creating a common platform for discussion and elaboration and to harness existing resources within the current institutional framework so as cover simultaneously both theoretical and policy related migration dynamics.

Project Summary:

The six-month project “Supporting Turkey’s Efforts in Migration Management” intends to support the enhancement of the national capacity through consolidating existing migration related resources and knowledge among academia, governmental institutions and civil society in Turkey. The project aims at covering simultaneously the different facets of migration and provides tools and methods to study and assess the different dimensions of migration with a view to provide a common platform for academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and policy makers dealing with migration issues by identifying and analyzing existing gaps and formulating policy recommendations to migration needs.

Project Purposes:

  • To establish a network of academics, policy makers and NGOs who are actively involved in migration related issues in Turkey.
  • To create a common forum for discussion that will enhance the national capacity to cover different facets of migration.
  • To develop an online platform that will work as a tool for exchange of information and communication with data and contribution by academics, NGOs and policy makers.
  • To organize a national meeting of academia, governmental institutions and civil society in order to build up synergy on migration.
  • To support METU’s as well as other universities efforts to advocate for migration oriented research vis a vis institutional and non government stakeholders.
  • To increase the interest and awareness of policy makers, NGOs and academia on migration issues.



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