Middle Eastern Societies (1918-1939): Challenges, Changes and Transitions



Ebru Boyar (International Relations Department, METU, Ankara)

Kate Fleet (The Skilliter Centre for Ottoman Studies, Cambridge)


Conference Assistants


Büşra Barın

Tekin Baykız

Gözde Emen

Coşkun Musluk

Ebru Vural

Şengül Yıldız


Sponsors: International Relations Department, METU, The Skilliter Centre for Ottoman Studies, Cambridge and Finansbank


Exhibition:Başkentli: Osmanlı’dan Cumhuriyet’e Ankara’da Sokak ve İnsan/ The Capital: Streets and People in Ankara from Ottoman Empire to Republic” by VEKAM, Koç University, Ankara





Programme (Updated 07/10/2015)




Venue: The Cultural and Convention Centre, METU, Ankara

Middle Eastern Societies (1918-1939): Challenges, Changes and Transitions


Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

15-17 October 2015



The period 1918 to 1939 represents one of major upheaval and change in the Middle East. Following the end of the First World War and the collapse of the Ottoman empire, a new political map of the region was constructed, mandates were established and new nation-states emerged. Examining the period from two major perspectives, state-society relations and city-society relations, this conference aims to examine various aspects of social change, questioning how societies adopted, adapted to, negotiated over or resisted changes imposed by internal or external political actors, or brought about by violence or economic circumstances. It will also examine how reforms and changes in one society impacted on other societies in the region and how different segments of the same society responded to change.




Diana Abbani (Sorbonne/ The Orient Institue of Beirut)

Amit Bein (Clemson University)

Ebru Boyar (METU)

Beth Brownson (University of Wisconsin-Parkside)

Nazan Çiçek (Ankara University)

Kate Fleet (Cambridge University)

Ulrike Freitag (Freie Universität, Berlin/ ZMO, Berlin)

Amal Ghazal (Dalhousie University)

Satoshi Katsunuma (Waseda University)

Liat Kozma (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Fred H. Lawson (Mill College)

Brian McLaren (University of Washington)

Michael Provence (University of California San Diego)

Eugene Rogan (Oxford University)

Emilio Spadola (Colgate University)

Pınar Şenışık (Doğuş University, Istanbul)